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Order TODAY for Free Shipping Over $999.99*
Order TODAY for Free Shipping Over $999.99*
Premium Pilates Combo Cadillac Reformer
  • Our Combo Cadillac Reformer equipment is combined with AISI 304 high quality stainless steel and solid beech chassis to provide aesthetic appearance and life-long durability.

  • Patented adjustable 5-stage stopper system and plug-in shoulder pads that offer 4 shoulder widths can be precisely adjusted according to shoulder, ankle, knee and hip joint disorders.

  • While the targeted resistance adjustment is made easily with the 3-stage spring gear option, the special foot bar design with its new honeycomb structure does not slip and provides easy grip.

Easy Assembly - How To Build Pilates Reformer:


Product Details


  • Wooden frame
  • Metal Frame
  • Foot mat (1)
  • Shoulder Rest (2)
  • Foam Strap (2)
  • Pulleys (2)
  • Rope (2)
  • Soft dual strap (2)
  • Foot Belt (1)
  • Stopper (1)

Carriage Springs

  • Yellow (1), Blue (1), Red (2), Green (1), Stretching wooden stick (1), Push through bar(1), Safety belt (1), Roll down bar (1)

Additional Springs

  • Short Yellow (2), Long Yellow (2), Long Blue (2), Short Blue (2)

Trapeze’s Spring (2)

  • Short Green (2), Conversion mat (1), Fuzzy (2), Sagital sliding bar(1), Horizontal sliding bar (1), Trapeze (1), Orthopedic box (1), Jump Board (1)


    Wooden Frame

    • Width 80 cm (with side fittings 80 cm)
    • Length 237 cm
    • Height with tower 215 cm
    • Reformer Height 39 cm

    Combo Cadillac Long

    • Width 80 cm
    • Length 237 cm
    • Height 225 cm
    • Reformer Height 64 cm

    Sliding Car

    • Width 62 cm
    • Length 78 cm
    • Mat height 4 cm

    Weight: 122 kg


    • Chrome plated metal frame
    • With 100 cm track slide distance is the longest among the pilates equipment brands.
    • Wooden frames are produced with our own production, special Finger Joint wood. It has a
      much more aesthetic appearance.Anti drop spring protected pulley system
    • Easy plugin & out shoulder rests; provide 4 different shoulder widths
    • Patented silence drive system prevents creaking of the trailer
    • All the fittings are manufactured by our company. We use special alloy aluminum casting and
      branded design.
    • Locked and unlocked foot bar design availability.
    • Straps with safety belts on.
    • Short or long design Combo Cadillac choice
    • Cushion pads for all mats such as conversion mat, foot mat, sitting box etc.
    • 5 stage stopper system provides versatility of the trailer slide distance
    • Wooden or metal push through bar option.

      Reformer Guide

      How To Use Pilates Reformer


      How Does Pilates Reformer Work? 

      • The Pilates Method is indicated for everyone, both for those who are introduced for the first time in physical activity, and for those who seek to improve the movement (such as high-level athletes) whether young, old, people who perform some other sport or those that lead a more sedentary life.

      What Does Pilates Reformer Do?

      • Muscle tone strengthening and toning the body without increasing the volume and thereby getting the figure stylized.
      • By means of breathing and concentration, a state global relaxation is achieved, thereby enabling the elimination of stress and muscular tensions and rigidity.
      • Great vitality and strength, making it possible to minimize the effort to perform the heaviest daily tasks or any other type of sport.

      What Are The Benefits of Using a Pilates Reformer

      • Increases flexibility, agility, sense of balance and improve coordination of movements.
      • Improves postural alignment and corrects wrong postural habits.
      • Prevents and rehabilitates injuries of the musculoskeletal system.
      • An increase in self-esteem and the body’s knowledge, obtaining a not only physical, but integral well-being and managing to change the way you relate to your body and face life.
      • Mind-body integration

      What Is Pilates Reformer Good For?

      • It is highly recommended for people who are in the process of rehabilitation or who have suffered an injury, as well as for all those who suffer back problems and seek a preventive activity.
      • In order to benefit from the method effects, it is recommended to carry out at least two sessions per week, either individually or in groups. 


      Free Shipping

      We are proud to provide free shipping 


      • In-stock items will be processed within 24 hours
      • Tracking information is provided upon shipment.
      • Free Standard Shipping: 7-15 Days 

      Please view our full shipping policy and FAQs


      Private Pilates warrants those products shall be delivered free from manufacturing defects. Each equipment is pre-assembled and independently tested for the necessary verification test. The warranty for products shall expire two (2) years after the invoice date of the purchase and includes all the pieces of equipment. Any defect, vice or deformity to what is ordered of any part of the equipment must be reported to Private Pilates as soon as possible after discovery and, in any case, not later than 8 days from the date of delivery, under the terms of the law.

      The warranty is void if:

      • The equipment has been subject to an accident, neglect, misuse, any kind of abuse or deterioration due to causes other than normal wear and tear.
      • Products are incorrectly installed and /or installed by non-qualified persons. ▪ Original pieces have been substituted by non-original pieces.
      • The equipment is not in the ownership of its first buyer.
      • The warranty does not cover damages like rips, cuts, burns, spots, damages of cleaning materials that had not been approved by Private Pilates, damages of atmospheric conditions and improper use of the good.
      • Once proven the defect or inconsistency of material or manufacturing, Private Pilates will repair or substitute the defect part or the whole part, according to valuation of necessity.
      • The repaired or substituted parts will maintain their warranty for the remaining period of the original equipment.
      • Warranty does not cover shipping damages.
      • Warranty does not cover shipping fees, custom fees or any kind of costs to install shipped pieces.
      • In no case, warranty will give authorization for indemnity for direct or indirect damages caused to persons or objects.
      • In case warranty applies, repairing or substitution will be processed with the same material if available. If not available, a most similar material will be used.


      • Damages caused during shipment are covered by insurance which had been agreed between Private Pilates and the chosen shipping carrier.
      • For activating the refund procedure, you shall sign every received shipment “I accept with reservation” and specify the reasons for it (e.g. damaged packaging) on their transportation documents.
      • According to the law, the notification must be communicated within 8 days of delivery.


      • Private Pilates has developed an easy and practicable installation for only one single person.


      • Maintenance is absolutely minimized because of the excellent materials chosen and easy mechanical solutions of our products.

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