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Which Home Bar Cabinet Should I Get? Our Top 4 Expert Picks

Which Home Bar Cabinet Should I Get? Our Top 4 Expert Picks

So, Which Home Bar Cabinet Should I Get?

Home Bar 8 Piece Cabinet Set

This classic shaker-style cabinet is built with a strong plywood core that is hard wearing and durable. It is strong and sturdy, enough to sustain heavy loads of kitchen devices. It could withstand physical strains and forces, and is almost impenetrable to termite infestation. Its stain-resistant finish protects from scratches and spills making it perfect for day-to-day cooking. Its doors and drawers are built with a soft-close hardware for that quiet and easy function. It is available in white, gray, and espresso colors.

A set includes two 2 close hardware doors, 16 small and 2 large easy-grasp handles, 2 wall racks, 2 short wall cabinets, and 2 split cabinets.

This cabinet is ideal for people who require a larger storage space without compromising too much of their working area. It is compact and easy to install--convenient in all its aspects. It gives that ardent feeling of sophistication and elegance, perfect for displaying those flamboyant liquors and mixes. The stain-resistant feature makes it better than any other cabinets in the market due to its easy maintenance. Scratches from pets and toddlers are easily dealt with a gentle wipe. The soft-close hardware is an advantageous feature for people who are always on-the-go, for people who tend to forget closing drawers, and is a suitable preventive measure for accidents.

Home Bar 6 Piece Cabinet Set

A fine-styled cabinet that is built with a strong plywood core, this 6-piece cabinet set is an ideal choice for people who desire simplicity and elegance in their homes. Strong and durable, it could withstand a substantial amount of weight from kitchen devices. Its stain-resistant finish protects from scratches and spills; its doors and drawers were designed using a premium soft-close hardware. This set comes in a 63in Wx22in Dx 85in. H and is available in white, gray, and espresso.

A set includes 1 split and 1 display cabinet, 10 small and 4 large easy-grasp handles, 1 wall rack cabinet, 2 short wall cabinets and 1 three-drawer cabinet.

Stylish and compact, this cabinet is ideal for people who desire conventional set ups yet still emanate a sense of refinement. Strong and durable, this cabinet could last for years if properly maintained. Its stain-resistant finish makes cleaning easier especially for busy owners. With premium soft-close hardware, owners won't have to worry about the hassle of opening and closing doors and/or drawers.

Home Bar 3 Piece Cabinet Set

A conventional type, this 3-piece cabinet set is made with strong plywood cores with stain resistant finish that protects from scratches and spills. Basic yet strong, this cabinet can support a considerable mass from kitchen and/or home devices. Its doors and drawers are designed with a premium soft-close feature. This set comes in at 63 in. W x 22 in. D x 36 in. H and is available in a variety of colors in subtle, wood grain textures.

Inclusions are a 1 display cabinet, 4 small and 4 large handles, 1 three drawer cabinet and 1 split cabinet.

A more affordable type of cabinet, this one is a practical alternative to achieving that minimalist yet classy home bar. A compact design for limited spaces, it can be placed anywhere without the provision of wall racks. It can be placed in a corner or even in a window still, either way, this cabinet is flexible in its own ways. Wine glasses and liquor bottles can still be kept inside, a subtle elegance within. Its stain-resistant finish coincides with its practicality. A reduction in price doesn’t mean less in quality.

Home Bar 5 Piece Cabinet Set

An uncomplicated shaker-style cabinet that is built with durable plywood cores and stain-resistant finish that protects from scratches and spills. Its door and drawers are made with premium soft-close hardware for that quiet and easy functionality. With a sturdy 63in. display shelf, this set is the perfect home bar for that minimalistic home feel.

Included in this set are the following: 1 bottle cabinet, 6 small and 1 large handle, 1 split and 1 display shelf.

Leaning onto the more affordable sides of home bars, this one is a combination of style and practicality. The display shelves give a refreshing view of the typical congested home bars. Bottles and wine glasses can be freely placed on it, showcasing a more liberated vibe. Strong and sturdy, these shelves are undoubtedly reliable. Its stain-resistant finish helps with its easy maintenance, plus its premium soft-close features make it easy for owners to open and close doors and drawers.

What to consider when designing your home bar layout

How do you organize a bar cabinet?

A well-built home bar is useless if bar cabinets are a mess. The basic principle in organizing your bar cabinets is to identify and visualize the spatial capacity of each cabinet. In doing so, you create a mental map of placements and positions that can be altered and interchanged once done physically. Next, sort all of your bottles into categories—vodka, tequila, gin, and so on. Create an alcohol inventory to manage and assess the items, doing so could give you a heads up on which to restock and which one to not.

How do I organize my bar glasses?

Glasses are essential to a home bar. You can’t drink wine in a mug, right? Display your glasses on the shelf or hang them on a wine rack under the main bar. Bar glasses are used for different cocktails. For mediocre drinkers who do not appreciate the essence of bar glasses, drinking wines and spirits in ordinary mugs or cups are non-fatal. But for those who value the intricacy of the spirit game, bar glasses are couture. Highball and old-fashioned glasses are usually stacked next to one another because these are the common ones. Wine glasses and martini glasses can be hung in inverted racks under the shelves. In doing so, the glasses are safe and far from accidental breakages.

Can you put a wine fridge in a cabinet?

Absolutely yes, but with restrictions. Installing a beverage fridge in an existing cabinet is possible, a DIY project that doesn’t require you to call a skilled carpenter. Depending on the configuration and dimensions of your cabinet, installation is possible.

What should I put in my wine fridge space?

A wine fridge, as it is named, houses wines. But wine fridges are not limited to wines at all. You can also store small amounts of fruits that are used in making cocktails. You can even place your favorite chocolates in it for that sweet wine after the session. There are a variety of home bars out there. Different types, pieces, and designs—all for the purpose of wine and spirit patronage. It is up to you which one to get and which one suits your style. But always remember that not every home bar is the same, buy wisely!