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Order TODAY for Free Shipping Over $999.99*

Raw Thrills brings BUST-A-MOVE(TM) FRENZY to the BIG Screen!

BUST-A-MOVE, the much loved, the ORIGINAL bubble-popping game is back in the Arcade! Officially licensed from Taito, BUST-A-MOVE FRENZY features ALL NEW 2-player co-op FRENZY play! 

Team up and bubble up to a new HIGH SCORE with amazing powerups and relentless FRENZY play.


  • Fun for everyone “Match 3”-style puzzle gameplay
  • Incredible 10 foot (3m) tall LED screen
  • 2 seated player positions with reliable force-feedback bubble shooters
  • BUST-A-MOVE FRENZY is Arcade-exclusive!
  • 60,000 LED lights attract players like a magnet!© TAITO CORPORATION 1994, 2020 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Software © 2020 Raw Thrills, Inc.

• Appealing Classic Characters- Bust-a-Move Frenzy™ features the lovable Bub and Bob.

Even if you aren’t familiar with Bust-a-Move or Bubble Bobble, the characters are cute and very appealing.

• Amusement Mode- The game can be operated in arcade mode. The game won’t dispense tickets and gameplay is tailored for an amusement audience. Longer play, more levels, etc

• Leaderboards- In addition to winning tickets, players can also set a high score and place their name on the leaderboard.

• Advertising Mode- Upload your GIF, JPEG, PNG, or TGA advertisements and display them on the big screen. Up to 4 ad slots with the adjustable time that the advertisement displays.

• Family Friendly License- All of the shooting in Bust-a-Move Frenzy™ is launching bubbles and matching color so there is no violence in the game.

• Accessible Gameplay- Bust-a-Move Frenzy™’s gameplay is easy to pick up and play. Customers will be able to adapt pretty quickly to matching colors and the game will adjust to the skill of the player so everyone has fun.

• Flexible Card Reader Support- Bust-a-Move Frenzy™ has full software and hardware support for card swipers. It supports Embed, Intercard, Semnox, Secoa, and more.

Set Up Dimensions
Seat Cabinet Dimensions:
Height: 55"
Width: 43.5"
Depth: 32.5"

Main Cabinet Dimensions:
Height: 46"
Width: 43.5"
Depth: 29"

Display Dimensions:
Height: 117"
Width: 68"
Depth: 35.5"

Product Specifications

Crated Dimensions:
Crate 1:
Height: 51"
Width: 46"
Depth: 33"
Weight: 240 lbs.

Crate 2:
Height: 61"
Width: 46"
Depth: 35"
Weight: 210 lbs.

Crate 3:
Height: 71"
Width: 48"
Depth: 43"
Weight: 500 lbs.

Product Documents


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What is the warranty policy on a new arcade game?

Betson warrants your new machine for 60 days from the date of purchase. After 60 days, components warranted by the manufacturer for a longer period of time must be sent to the manufacturer for repair or replacement under the Warranty Policy set by the manufacturer.

What is the warranty policy on a used arcade game?

Betson warrants a used machine for 30 days from the date of purchase.

Do arcade games use a standard electrical outlet?

Yes, the games that we sell in the United States use a standard 110V three-prong outlet that you just plug in and play like you would any other electrically powered item.

Does Betson install/sell card readers?

Yes, we install and sell card readers. If you would like a card reader installed on the game before delivery just let your salesman know.

Does Betson offer special post-installation services?

Yes, we do. Betson believes the post-sale customer Wellness program in an important part of the success of any installation.  Betson will visit your location and check several key areas to make sure the location is running at optimum performance.

Does Betson offer technical training courses?

Yes, we offer Betson Technical University a hands-on training course focusing on how to support and service your FEC or game room.  The course includes training on how to solder, wire crimping, LCD and computer repair.

What should I consider when choosing space for my arcade games?

Always allocate 65 square feet per game with open design and sightlines.

Do you have any guidelines on how to calculate arcade game earnings for planning purposes?

Location with 40 games:
Square feet (2600 / 65 per game = 40 games)
Purchase of 40 Games @ average of $11,000.00 per game = $440,000.00
Average earnings of 40 games @ $200.00 per game / per wk. x 52 wks. = $416,000.00 yr.
Average room payout of 28% = $101,920.00
Total earnings = $416,000.00 – Payout – $101,920.00 = $314,080.00 yr.

Location with 20 games:
Square feet (1300 / 65 per game = 20 games)
Purchase of 20 Games @ average of $11,000.00 per game = $220,000.00
Average earnings of 20 games @ $200.00 per game / per wk. x 52 wks. = $208,000.00 yr.
Average room payout of 28% = $50,960.00
Total earnings = $208,000.00 – Payout – $50,960.00 = $157,040.00

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    Customer Reviews

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